Isles of Scilly Visitor Guide
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Isles of Scilly Visitor Guide

The Isles of Scilly lie 28 miles off the coast of Cornwall. There are five inhabited Islands; St. Mary's, St. Martin's, Tresco, Bryher and St. Agnes, as well as many uninhabited isles. The population of the Islands is 2,200 with 1,800 of those living on St. Mary's. St. Mary's is the Isles of Scilly's largest island and the gateway to the rest of the islands.

The adventure begins as you arrive by small plane or by boat. You immediately sense that you have discovered something very special as you glimpse this cluster of low-lying islands amid a turquoise sea. The Scilly adventure continues as you hop from island to island by boat, experiencing many natural wonders - puffins, seals, dolphins and a multitude of rare birds. Above all, Scilly gives you the space and freedom to do everything, or next to nothing, in a breathtaking location that enjoys the mildest climate in the UK.

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